Professional Services

Meeting Your Needs

Rich Lawns and flowerbeds is dedicated to providing high quality services to the Northwest Philadelphia area. Take a look below to find out what we specialize in, and get in touch with any additional questions or to learn more.


Weed Control

Always Prepared

 Rich lawncare and flowerbeds can handle all of your needs when it comes to weeds. I work with pre/post emergence weed control. But I believe that the best weed preventive is a healthy, lush lawn, with good nutrient dense soil. Hire me for this service and learn how I cater to the needs of each client, ensuring the results you need and deserve.

Removing Weeds
Lawn Mower


Attention to Detail

I have the experience and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of mowing job that comes my way. With rich lawncare and flowerbeds, clients know exactly what to expect - professionalism, efficiency and exceptional results.

Edging and Bordering

Expert Service

Rich Lawns And Flowerbeds uses safe, Petroleum free equipment to give your lawn's borders that beautiful, clean cut look.  Make your vibrant flowerbeds stand out. Expert service is what you will get with Rich Lawns And Flowerbeds

Green Garden
Lawn Disease Care

Soul Soil

Attention to Detail

Having a beautiful lawn starts with a healthy soil. While chemicals and synthetics  may be a quick fix, they  can stress and destroy soil over time. Soul Soil is a ongoing program which builds a  lawn with a dedication to bio-stimulates and other organics. Let's grow and maintain a beautiful yard that is safe for your children and pets.

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